$ 12.00

Chevron wall decals is the easiest and most affordable way to decorate any surface for your home, office, retail or commercial space. Also great to use as baby nursery decal.

Not like using stencil, our looksugar self-adhesive vinyl wall stripes will give you a perfect edge every time; with no fussing with painting or tape. It's also more affordable and less effort than installing wallpaper. And because our decals are removable, you can remove them whenever your walls are ready for any of our new vinyl design!

Small: 4"H x 18"L x 7, total length=126" (10cm x 46cm x 7, total length= 320cm)
Medium: 6"H x 36"L x 6, total length= 216" (15cm x 91cm x 6, total length= 548cm) 
Large: 10"H x 46"L x 3, total length= 138" (25cm x 117cm x 3, total length= 350cm)
Order accordingly to create longer stripes. 
Size of our decals can be customized, please contact us for pricing.

Package includes:
- Chevron Wall Decals
- Step by step installation instructions

See color swatch for all colors; for custom colors, please leave us a note upon checkout.

- Removable matte finish vinyl

- Commercial grade
- Manufactured in USA

By the way:
Our wall pattern decals are all separated and can be rearranged as needed.


Made in the USA.